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India, a preferred destination for outsourcing call center services

Stable democracy, youngest and most educated population, India is all what can be called, a one stop shop for the offshore call center services.  The developed nations have been looking for a labor which is huge and educated and English speaking. India, with providing all the three solutions, has in recent time become the most preferred location for outsourcing call center services of the international companies.

There are thus many of call centers in India which have international clients like American Express, Delta Airlines, etc. These call centers hire the newly college graduates and train them in terms of making them deliver solutions in western accent, just so that the person who is seeking a solution, feels that the solution giver is just the girl/guy next door.

Now staff in the Indian call center obviously has an Indian name and they change their names, usually keeping a Christian name. so that the query holders feel connected to the call center staff.

Why choose India?
  1. The 12 hour time difference between the western countries as and India has made it possible for India to deliver 24x7x365 days solutions.
  2. India provides a perfect set of both inbound and outbound call center services, telemarketing services, lead generation services, direct mail follow-up services, email support services, chat support services, etc.
  3. Large growing young and educated population
  4. Since the population is young, educated and in huge number, the cost on training the man power, cost of capital investment and overheads can be nullified while setting up a call center in India.

The success of the Indian call centers has proved a fact that geography is redundant and that distance doesn’t matter anymore.  Kudos!