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India - a global center of BPO services

Today outsourcing has become the order of the day. More and more organizations are choosing India as a hub of outsourcing companies for a number of reasons such as, high presence of young population, cost effectiveness, increased efficiency, increased productivity, shared risks, reduced operating costs, increased quality, better services and more time to focus on core competencies.

Discover how India has become the world’s most preferred location for the software development and software enabled services:
  1. Cost-effective services:  India having a large, young, educated population, more so, high amount of educated technical, makes India a hub for ITES services. Since the supply is more than demand, enabled with quality talent, investing outsourcing services in India is therefore profitable.
  2. Time zone advantages:  Further the time zone advantages in India and between other countries are fairly beneficial for India which allows companies to have a 24 x 7 x 365 days presence with the help of Indian BPO firms.
  3. Presence of standard quality operations:  The Indian outsourcing companies operate in high international standards and comply with ISO and SEI-CMM standards.
  4. Excellent software solutions: The Indian outsourcing companies include provides services such as e-commerce, e-governance, Business Process Re-engineering, System Migration, Maintaining Legacy system, System integration, etc.
  5. Stable government and promising economic growth:  India has have witnessed a stable government with positive IT and economic policies which has made it possible for such high GDP rates accounting to 8%.

Stable governments with a liberal democracy, open economy, and benefits mentioned above have truly made India, a global center for BPO services.