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e-Governance - renovating the governmental service delivery system

e - governance, a one stop online portals for information access for online citizen services, center and state specific e-Governance initiatives, providing awareness about governmental tasks.  In simpler terms it basically refers to the technology driven governance.

Models of e-Governance:

When we talk about e Governance, its main target groups remain the citizens, government and businesses. Hence what we have is Government to Customer or Citizen model, Government to Employees, Government to Government and Government to business.

Advantages of e- Governance:
  • Helps improve public services and  strengthen democratic process
  • Strengthen support for public policies
  • Fight corruption and bureaucracy in Government departments
  • Ensures transparency and accountability in governmental functions
  • Integrated  government service at your fingertips
  • The access can be made anytime, anywhere
  • Improves overall productivity of the government
  • Empowers the citizens, as information is a true knowledge
Advantages aside, what is more important is governance and not the ‘e’.  Electronic or technology is only a medium to facilitate better governance. While recognizing its probable benefits, a fact should be kept in mind that getting to better governance itself is a problem of heavy magnitude, one that must be tackled with more than electronics and computing.