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Convergence of Social Media and BPO

Today, the social media is the trendiest communicational buzz. As a medium of channel, it has fairly done its job beyond imaginable expectations by standing in as a means of non-commercial interaction among individuals.  Social media indeed, has become a mainstream phenomenon within the last few years and is only working hard to also become now a successful means of commercial interaction.

Over the past few years, the BPO services have made investments in customer-oriented business intelligence and deep analytic tools for their company clients. With the growth of the social or interactive media, it has become possible to critique anything and everything possible. When it comes to business, from launching to marketing to receiving feedbacks from customers, the social media has have been an immense platform. 

Now how BPO services converge with this medium and are useful to both the clients and the consumers?

For instance, if suppose there is a BPO company and its client as say for instance is Idea cellular company, then any item, comment posted on the social media be it in terms of blog, in terms of a comment on facebook, or as a community, and if at all there are any critical or negative comments, or posts or tweets then this BPO company will monitor the content o social media and report it to the company.

What are the advantages?

With the heavy online traffic, even the companies are gaining an online presence and since they cannot look after the social media, because of the already huge workload, transferring this responsibility to a BPO company helps save their time and moreover when a BPO company administers the complaints and feedback of the consumers online, it then with its analytic capabilities, understand the consumer sentiments and behavior and tell exactly what the problem is to the main service provider company. Hence like this, it lessens the burden of the service provider company and through the BPO services, the main service provider company can exactly get to know what their consumers are thinking and what they want, thus only helping the companies DELIVER BETTER!

All in all, this social media monitoring task by BPO service providers are on an early stage of driving value to the consumer-centric analytics.