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24 Hr Call Center Solutions India is the Answer to Customer Service Support

"More online sales create a need for a broader customer service base," says Lynn Fick, President of XACT Telesolutions. "Everything from effective web chat and email response to call center operations are needed to manage the amount of customer inquiries during the high-spending holiday season." And this is the reason precisely why there is a need for 24 x 7 Service Call Center.

Last year, XACT Telesolutions helped businesses during the 2012 holiday season and the experienced call center service team is ready to do the same in 2013. Even though in-store shopping is expected to drop slightly compared to last year, online shopping is expected to rise 15% in the fourth quarter (the holiday season). According to eMarketer, online shoppers will spend $83.2 billion this time around.

The online shopping forecaster and digital marketing company, eMarketer, also predicts that online sales will jump from $53.7 billion in 2012 to $61.8 billion in 2013 during November and December – the most lucrative months for businesses. During these months, businesses will rely on inbound call center to manage the influx of calls, emails and online help spurred by the growing retail season.
A point Fick thinks is important for businesses to realize is that online shopping creates as much of a need for reliable customer service as in-store shopping, sometimes even more.
"The growth of online sales doesn't mean there's less of a need for customer support. In fact, quite the opposite." says Fick. "Today, people are buying the same things online that can be bought in stores. But because there's no physical representation of the company online, customers often have more questions and concerns."

In order for businesses to keep up with the biggest online retail season yet, they'll need reliable services of call centers in India to keep customers satisfied. Right now, keeping customers satisfied with helpful, friendly customer service is a top priority. After this year, online holiday sales are expected to increase another 15% and continue to do so annually for the foreseeable future.