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Knowledge Process Outsourcing in India

The BPO industry in India, has not only brought about phenomenal growth to the economy but various other developments, technological and even business and one of such development it has brought to India is known – Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO services. The growth with which the BPO industry has been growing in India has also made world interested to invest in KPO services India.

India with the advantages of – youth power, its immense intellectual capacity, cost savings and operational efficiency has made it possible for India to attract off shore high-end processes.

The KPO was started in India by McKinsey when it had opened a knowledge center in 1987. The KPO services are not restricted to information technology only but also to looks at other sectors providing in services like Business Research, Data Acquisition, Clinical Research, Educational Services,  Intellectual Property and Patent related services, Engineering Services, CAD/CAM Applications ,  Legal Research, Publishing, Market Research, etc.

The KPO sector has positive growth traits. For, according to a report by GlobalSourcingNow, the growth in KPO services will be at the tune $ 17 billion by 2010, of that $12 billion would be outsourced to India.  For this the sector is also going to be seen employing more employees.

Currently, the KPO growth seems to be receiving jerks and brakes, creating a low growth rate for themselves.  The sector has been meted out with the negative effect of the Global recession and which is why it has been registering low rates of growth.  Daunted, the KPO services in India have not lost its strong foothold; it is still there and is recovering slowly to become as strong as it was before.  At present India enjoys 70% market share in world KPO services and it is further. Despite facing recession, the Indian KPO segment is expected to grow more yielding revenues at the tune of $10 billion in 2013-14.

India, with having the strengths of large talent pool, low labor costs, quality standards, BPO success stories, domain expertise, and lack of human force in UK and US, certainly deems fit for the best KPO hub.