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Growth of Legal Outsourcing in India

Legal outsourcing as specific subject of outsourcing, begin with the opening of Bickel and Brewer Law Firm, by opening the first satellite office to process administration.

The latest Legal Process Outsourcing initiative in India hails back to 2001, with GE's captive center in Gourgaun, lending India a chance to utilize its in-house legal qualities.

As law firms and corporate legal department are seen facing mounting pressures to cut the costs, making India a reason why firms abroad are choosing India as a destination right for legal process outsourcing.

Young, educated Indian lawyers are charging way much lesser than what a lawyer could charge for working on the same assignment. So while US based or UK based lawyers might charge you $ 400 per hour, the Indian lawyer would charge you around not more than $50 per hour.

Hence, outsourcing legal work to India is providing the developed nations with the cost effective services by India's young, educated and talented pool of personnel.

With the current economic rescission faced in the major economies of the world, these developed countries are compelled to cut their costs on major operations.  Making, India, a viable option for legal outsourcing as a destination combined with the advantages of freshly qualified law graduates who are ready to work at a low price.  Most of these graduates have been having international exposure in terms of training and education allowing them to work on more complex assignments than just limiting their task to reviewing and proofreading legal documents. All this factors are slowly making India a hub for Legal Process Outsource, as well now.