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Businesses investing more in IT outsourcing

In 2012, the percentage of the IT budget designated for call center services in the US was up 23 per cent, according to an annual outsourcing study, ‘IT Outsourcing Statistics 2013/2013’.
Chris Demicoli, business development manager at Smart Technologies Ltd (STL), explained that this was likely due to the use of IT in business in general, the cost of having in-house professionals with the knowledge and skills to cater for the different aspects of the business and an increase in the take up of cloud technology.
“Current data shows how IT organisations have started to embrace cloud-based applications as well as expand outsourcing of IT operations. Other factors are also supporting decisions to outsource IT call center projects, including the ever-present desire to reduce costs. This is what spurred Smart Technologies to move in this direction and make IT outsourcing one of our core operations,” added Mr Demicoli.
Smart Technologies’ outsourcing services include end user services to help businesses manage their systems and devices run at maximum efficiency, computing services, including the management of servers, laptops, and PCs, network outsourcing services for the setting up affordable and reliable networks and the outsourcing of security services, helping businesses improve their IT security structures.
Lately, STL’s 24 hour call center outsourcing services have also started to include a mobility solutions service, providing clients with a mobile infrastructure that is secure, stable and cost-efficient and that can be adapted to your changing business needs.
“Adaptability is what defines us. We acknowledge that different businesses have different requirements and targets. We offer the flexibility of adapting their outsourcing requirements to deliver a tailored package so that no matter the size of the business, we can deliver,” said Mr Demicoli.