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Indian IT outsourcing companies on a road to its makeover

Since the trend of IT outsourcing took its root in India, it has since then that we’ve always thought about it with an image of many young workers with headphones over their ears, talking, convincing the clients out there in UK or US.  The business of outsourcing has without doubts been beneficial to Indian economy; however, this has stereotyped the way India’s IT companies/IT outsourcing companies are functioning.

This has popularly made India to be thought of an Intelligent, growing, young country where work can be done cheaply – Cheap India dump. India notices tremendous traffic of US and UK companies shipping/outsourcing their work to India. However, with the changing times, India now is on the positive growth stage, one of the fastest growing economies from the third world countries, these IT and BPO outsourcing companies in India worth $100 billion now feels the change to be made the way they are seen.

For this, our Indian IT and BPO companies are aiming to employ US workers. Since the US economy is in its doldrums, US workers are inclined to work and India, being a fastest growing economy at this time, especially, the IT/ITES sector booming with leaps and bounds, asking US workers for jobs in Indian IT/BPO companies, is good for both the countries.

However, US President Barack Obama, is against outsourcing of US jobs to India. Since Indian IT/BPO companies are growing in billions and trillions, they have set their presence in almost all the big countries. You can see the presence of Wipro, Infosys branches in US. Earlier it was Microsoft and IBM setting up their branches here, now, it’s the other way round.  There has been a sea change in the way that these companies look and function now.

For this the companies are trying to change their look and feel as similar to the country they are functioning in. So for instance, Infosys in US will change their look and feel and make it just as other US organizations are in their look and feel.  These Indian IT/BPO multinationals like Infosys is aiming to double local recruitment as soon as by the next financial year.  At present, Infosys has 15,000 employees in US, and had hired 1, 200 in the past year, the company thereby making employing 145,000 people internationally. For that matter Wipro, India’s second largest IT firm, is also seen following this pattern. For them their centers in US are mainly Georgia and Atlanta, being successfully recruiting the local talent. The company in its Atlanta center, which is its strategic development center, has hired local talent from various fields such as campus recruits and military veterans. The company wants to replicate the same hiring model in any other city it aims to open its center in US.

This will certainly enhance Indian IT/BPO companies’ image/reputation as international job creators in US keeping in mind the fact of the downturn of the economy and employment crunch being felt more by the next Presidential election in US, in November.

Moreover, these companies always want to enhance their stronghold in the countries they are establishing their businesses. As a matter of that fact, the CEO’s of these companies are constantly into getting local political support. This not only helps flourish their business objectives but also help bring about positive economic changes in the country they are serving. For instance, Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS), India’s No.1 software services exporter, last month opened a technology centre in Santa Clara, California to serve as global headquarters for its mobile computing work and when it also opened its center in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2009, the state governor was seen attending the opening ceremony of the company’s center.

Thus, Indian IT/BPO companies, happy with their growth, are now not only aiming at tapping the Indian talent, but also spreading their wings and wanting to help other countries, just as we saw above.