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Benefits and Limitations of Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (often called BPO) in a lame man's terms can be defined as "a process of sharing your business functions (responsibilities) with a third party organization which is a proven expert in doing things that you cannot or do not want to handle yourself."

BPO business is one of the most flourishing business is today's date.

Why outsource your Business?
BPO companies in India and similar countries offer almost full virtualization of your business, offering your business quality, cost-efficiency and minimum time taken for completion of your work all at the same time.

What are the advantages of Outsourcing your business?
  • Outsourcing all your data entry and other cumbersome jobs to a partner lets you concentrate on your core activities and lets you do what you do best.
  • Outsourcing your responsibilities to a BPO, especially an Indian BPO company who are experts in handling quality and quantity at the same time will offer you great superiority at the lowest possible expenditures giving you unmatched cost-efficiency.
  • Overhead cost Reduction is also a very big advantage. Many processes generally require large infrastructure, Investment, maintenance and other overheads so it is always advisable to outsource such processes.
  • If you employees leave their jobs on a short notice, even then it is possible to operate at the same pace without the risk of a substandard efficiency because of outsourcing.
  • If a large project is to done and your employees do not have the required skills then on-site outsourcing of the project will enable your employees to gain skills while working side-by-side with the BPO outsourcing company
And, what about the disadvantages?
As appealing at it seems there are certain limitations in outsourcing
  • Firstly, since you are sharing a part of your responsibility with an outsourcing partner you are also giving him some authority and as a result of that you might not have a direct control on that particular operation.
  • Secondly, outsourcing is neither possible nor advisable for all your business functions, which means that you should never outsource all of your processes.
  • Finally, it is a fact that you are tied down to the BPO Company financially, so it is possible that if that company goes bankrupt or suffers any loss you might also face some minor consequences.
So you have your own pros and cons for whether to outsource your business to a firm that offers BPO services or not but it is clearly seen that the advantages of BPO outweigh the limitations by tons and if you chose as they call it a good "BPO outsource", it is also possible that you minimize the limitations.

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Ecommerce - Biggest World Wide Business

I don't think there is an individual who has not heard the names of,, or, but then you might say, these sites sell things online what does that have to do with e-commerce? Well, buying and selling goods and services online is what e-commerce is all about. E-commerce can be defined as "The buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks."

E-commerce is today the biggest business because of a simple reason being, it does not have a terrestrial boundary. The annual revenue generated by the so called "e-commerce business" was about $700 Billion in the year 2011 and is growing at the rate of 19%!

Almost all big retailers are now electronically present on the World Wide Web. So if some firm is left out then it is seriously lagging behind in the race to prosper. It is quite simple to start your own website that aids you in e-commerce. There are a large number of ecommerce web design companies that offer very versatile and professional e-commerce web designs. While these so called e-commerce web design firms offer a flexible web site if you want a fully tailored website for yourself then what you need is the freelance e-commerce web designs, however the best ecommerce web design companies combine both customization as well as versatility giving you an "ecommerce professional web design".

It is also a known fact that wherever web designing goes it is often followed by web development the same is what happens here. E-commerce web designing will obviously be followed by e-commerce web development. Once the designing phase is completed there are a lot of e-commerce web development firms that offer a supportive coding for you well-designed website. But then there are a lot of e-commerce web development companies that offer you both designing and development at the same place. It is obvious that most good designers are not good developers and vice versa, so a good e-commerce web Development Company which knows this element very well, hires employees who have distinct set of professional skills for either development or designing so that things do get mixed up.

Now that you know how an e-commerce web site can be started and run what are you waiting for? The World Wide Web is waiting at your doorsteps and the e-market is within you grasp all you need to do is take that "Leap of Faith" and believe me what follows will be truly electrifying!

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Importance of Web Presence (Website) in Business

Computers and Internet have become a necessity these days. For some people a day without food is imaginable but a day without Internet is not!

In such a picture the presence of the "World Wide Web" in your business is vital. An access to Web Services and the use of Web site to develop and promote your business has become a trend among both existing and new businesses. Internet can be used both as a tool to buyers and sellers giving them unlimited access to goods and services and also as a venue where the business grows overcoming the geographical boundaries.

The Process of building a website starts with conceiving the very idea of how your website will look and then materializing it through Web designing. Web designing can be done in various ways there are a lot of web design firms that offer professional web design services at a very competitive rates and then there are freelance web designers who offer you tailored business web designs of your choice. However the best web design companies offer you all these aspects under a single roof that is complete customization, cost-efficient rates and that too in the least amount of time possible.

Once your web site is designed the next phase is to develop it! "Web Development", refers to the process of back-end coding of your website. Web development just like web designing can be done by both web development companies and also by freelance web developers that also offer e-commerce web development.

Even though there are a lot of companies that do either the designing phase or the development phase only, it is always advised that you opt for a firm which does both designing and development at the same place. A good web development company will always have professional web designers, since both the process need different technical expertise. Of course a web designer knows something about its development and vice-verse but a good web designer will rarely be a good web developer. The firms in the business know the fact very well and employ expert staff accordingly.

OK, we have understood the following facts:-

  • It is imperative that you utilize the web to establish and/or grow your business
  • Web Designing and Web Development are all that  you need to get started
So, why wait then? Approach some firm who is an expert in the field and get ready shift your business on the fast-track lane.

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Development of BPO Industry in India - Root to a Big Tree

Business process outsourcing (often called BPO) in a lame man's terms can be defined as "a process of sharing your business functions (responsibilities) with a third party organization which is a proven expert in doing things that you cannot or do not want to handle yourself."

The lesser known term is Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) it is a type of outsourcing that is less structured and more specialized than BPO. KPO deals mostly in services that are highly "knowledge-based", such as: intellectual property research for patent applications; legal and medical services; training, consultancy, and research and growth in fields such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology and also certain IT fields.

The development of these outsourcing twins in India has been phenomenal. The rags to riches story of the outsourcing companies in India is an interesting read. Everyone knows that India became known to the term "outsourcing services" in the 1990's with the entry of International airlines companies like British Airways, Swiss Airlines and other corporate majors like American Express and General Electric after that BPO companies in India have progressed on a fast- forward basis.

The entry of the IT majors like Wipro, Infosys, HCL, Satyam, Patni, IBM, etc. changed the outsourcing services beyond measure, they took the so called "outsourcing BPO services" from the Lilliput that is was  and transformed it into a global BPO "Titan".

While talking about India's BPO industry we cannot forget the fact that a significant contribution was also made by the participation of the rural areas in the BPO services.

According to a study the India Outsourcing industry will reach a turnover of about $55 Billion in the year 2012.

The reasons for growth of outsourcing to India are listed as:-

  • Cost effectiveness
  • An Advantage of Competition
  • Availability of large English-speaking work force
  • Risk Moderation
  • Continuously improvising services
  • Loftier competency
  • And finally the unification of "Quality, low-costing and well-timed accomplishment"
Summarizing, we can say that the BPO/KPO industry in India has grown from the 100,000$ seedling in 1990 to the 55,000,000,000$ tree of 2012 and has affected the life of every Indian in numerous ways.

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International Call Centers in India - Root to a Big Tree

It is a known fact that along with being called the land of culture and heritage, India is also called a "land of call centers".

According to a study there about more than 300,000 small and big call centers in India which more than 40% of the total call centers in the world, and according to the same study while it costs more than 19,000 $ per year per employee to maintain a call center in U.S.A and 17,000$ in Australia it costs less than 7,500$ for the same call center outsourcing in India.

Moving a step forward we go towards the International call centers in India. As it is evident form the above discussion that opting for call center service in India is very cheap as compared to doing the same in US, UK or even Australia so a majority of these countries outsource their process to call centers in India. As a result of this India is booming with call center companies that offer their services on an international level.

These companies provide outsourcing and call center services on a global level with an unmatched quality control, cost efficiency and timely accomplishment.

A typical International call center in India offers facilities ranging from data entry to inbound customer care.There are another set of call centers that are called outbound call centers which are also growing at an exponential rate. A standard outbound call center offers services that include Tele-marketing, customer feedback, data mining and many more.

What’s with the big picture?

Starting with the biggest of them all the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) owes a lot of its present being to the call center industry, also there is nothing wrong is saying that one of the pillars that hold the strong India economy is the simple term "Call Center". It is also know that the youth of India is being bewitched by this industry as it offers even an average individual with opportunity to grasp his dreams. Call Centers are one of the biggest employment opportunities to the mammoth youth workforce of India.

Concluding the topic it can be said that the call center industry in India is the driving force of not only the country’s economy but also plays a vital role in employing and training the worthy youths of India.

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